3 Football Inspired Slot Machines


Football and slot machines have a wide variety of things in common. The thrill of the game, the excitement, and suspense are feelings that both football fans and avid slot machine players can relate to. The approaching World Cup in Russia has brought even the biggest of sport skeptics into a state of frenzy. 32 national teams will highlight their best players and compete for the final prize: the title of world champions.

Therefore, to make the wait more bearable, it is a great opportunity to bring forward a few football inspired slot machines that everybody can enjoy. Regardless of your level of experience with slot machines, make sure to give these following games a try.

Football Championship Cup NetEnt

The first game you should try out before the World Cup 2018 starts is Football Championship Cup. Although it is a relatively new addition to the world of online slot machines, it is already amongst the best. Developed by NetEnt, a company with a great reputation in this field, the game provides players with two exciting, unique bonus rounds and tons of other things that we will let you discover on your own.

The developers made sure to exploit the theme as much as possible, integrating a few football rules into the title’s gameplay mechanics. The first bonus round consists of a few free spins, with the objective being to spin (fittingly enough) goal symbols. As for the second bonus round, it consists of a penalty shootout, throughout which the player, in order to win, must score the most goals. Overall, the game is extremely intense and satisfying and perfectly captures the spirit of the sport that it is inspired after.

Red Card – Gamevy

Occasionally, a savvy slot developer will try to freshen up the market by releasing a game with an interesting concept, and Red Card is one of those games. Developed by Gamevy, Red Card combines lottery scratch cards with slot machines into an intriguing football-inspired experience. Apart from the fact that it looks absolutely fantastic, Red Card offers a wide variety of gameplay options that will keep players hooked.

Adding to that is the fact that it has a very easy learning curve that even the most inexperienced slot machine players and rookie scratch card enthusiasts can get accustomed with. After playing a few rounds, the player has the option of choosing between 46 footballs and place a bet. The amount of money that the players can wager is quite flexible, which is great for people who do not want to invest a lot of money into the game. After placing the bet, all you have to do is click the balls to reveal a trophy or a red card. If you pick six silver trophies consecutively, your bet will be doubled, and so on until the game ends.

Football Rules – Playtech

This is arguably the simplest slot machine game on this list, but its easy learning curve does not takes away at all from its quality. This is a slot machine designed for casual players, so if you want just to sit back and spin a few slots while waiting for the start of the World Cup, then Football Rules might do the trick for you.

Apart from the typical gameplay mechanics that one would expect from a slot machine, Football Rules has one bonus round, which allows the player to perform a few free spins. There are several ways in which you can unlock this bonus round. You can access it by obtaining the appropriate number of scatter symbols, or through the penalty round, which consists of a random number of free spins which is set depending on the ball that you have selected.

Granted, Football Rules is not the greatest in terms of graphical fidelity. However, it runs extremely well even on mobile phones and computers with low specs. Furthermore, if you are already a fan of slot games, gameplay mechanics are probably more important than graphics, so Football Rules’ should not bother you too much.


Football and slot machines have many things in common – excitement, tactics, and suspense, to name a few. As a result, it is no wonder why so many developers decided to combine these two seemingly different concepts and release slot machine games with a football spin. If you are a fan both of football and slot machines, you can try these games out to make the wait for the World Cup much easier on yourself.

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