In detail: Fast Hands


In detail: Fast Hands

Fast Hands is a instant win game at Karamba, this has got the same rules as rock paper scissors. Most will be familiar with this game, but if you do not know it is very easy to learn. The Rock beats scissors, scissors beat paper and paper beats rock. Fast Hands is a really quick game, in seconds you know whether you have won a price.

When you click on the Play button the computer randomly selects rock, paper or scissors for you. When you beat the other hand you will win the price above your opponent’s hand. When you have the same hand as your opponent the game starts again.

You can vary your bet from 25 pence up to 10 pound a game. You can also play up to 6 games simultaneously. With the Fast Hands game from Karamba you can win a jackpot of 100.000 pound! Every new player will receive 5 pound for free at Karamba, when you decide to buy credits you will receive another bonus. This bonus is called the 100% match up bonus, the amount of credits you buy will be doubled with 100%.
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