New Game: Super Bugs


New Game: Super Bugs

The online scratch card providers Scratch2Cash, Hopa and GoScratch launched a new game today; called Super Bugs. This game has nothing to do with scratch cards, it is more of an “instant win game” Super Bugs is an extremely fast game, and you know instantly whether you have won a good amount of money.

Super Bugs is about three insects, a caterpillar, snail and a ladybug which together make a race, who’s the fastest across the finish line? You can choose to play this race with one, two or three bugs at the same time. You can also vary your bet with 0.10 pence, 25 pence, 50 pence, 1 pound, 2 pound, 5 pound or 10 pound per insect. Every time a bug reaches the finish line, a random cash prize is determined; this is the prize you’ve won. But not every bug will cross the finish line, it is also possible that they stop halfway, or get stuck in a drop of water or decide to eat and sleep along the way 🙂

You can jackpot up to 100,000 pound with the Super Bugs game. When you play this game at Scratch2Cash, Hopa or GoScratch you will receive 5 pound for free. With this money can immediately try out this new game for free. If you then decide to buy additional game credits you will receive a 100% welcome bonus. You can the Super Bugs in the category Scratch Cards beneath the tab New. Play Super Bugs >

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