Online bingo games gaining popularity


Online bingo games gaining popularity

The online bingo games that are offered appear to be more popular than ever before. The online scratch cards supplier Hopa offers six different online bingo games to play under the name: Espresso, The 60’s, Bubble Bingo, Disco Keno, Bingo Bonaza and Bingo. Hopa has created a separate category called “Instant Bingo” Here you can find different bingo games. Since online bingo is so popular they have recently launched two new bingo game called Espresso and The 60’s.

These different bingo games are easy to play, at first you can choose haw many bingo cards you want to play. You can often choose to play several cards at once. At the next step you can choose how much you want to bet per card, this varies from 10 pence up to 10 pound a bingo card. You win a great cash prize if the numbers that are drawn, are the same as on your bingo card. Usually, the price you win depends on the pattern you can make on your bingo card. The jackpot for the different bingo games is 100.000 pound! Receive 5 pound for free at Hopa, so you can first discover the various games. You will receive a welcome bonus of 100% if you decide to deposit.

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