The Biggest Scratch Card Wins in History


The Biggest Scratch Card Wins in History

We can all agree there are few things more thrilling than the slow reveal of numbers and symbols as you work your way through a new scratch card. Knowing that you could be just a couple of scratches away from a lifetime of riches is more than enough to persuade people from across the globe to spend billions every year on a chance at instant wealth.

Not everyone can be a winner, but once in a while, the gods of fate smile down on some lucky souls and bestow them with a winning card. While many big wins typically amount to tens of thousands of pounds, there have been a few in history that have amounted to millions. Without further ado, here are the biggest scratch card wins in history. Source: Pixabay

Grace Walker, £1 Million This housewife from Scotland’s life was turned upside down a couple of years back when she bought a scratch card on a whim and ended up becoming a millionaire. The scratch card in question was chosen by Walker simply because she liked the colour of it, which was a soft pink shade. She’s since split the money with her longtime husband and they both continue to live in their humble council house in Lanarkshire.

Susan Richards, £3 Million

As Susan Richards knows, scratch cards aren’t the only way to make a million. The former care home worker also placed her faith in online casino games such as slots and blackjack in

her quest for fame and fortune. This eventually paid off big time when she decided to buy her regular scratch card following a 12-hour shift, quickly becoming a millionaire. Richards did what any other self-respecting winner would do, quitting her job and spending several months travelling the US. Source: Pixabay

Melissa Ede, £4 Million

Ede, a YouTube star and taxi driver from Hull, bought a £10 scratch card instead of her normal, cheaper card as an impulse buy, and ended up walking away with a whopping £4 million, making her the biggest scratch card winner in UK history. The latest interviews reveal she has barely spent any of the money but is making plans to buy a new phone and a house sometime in the future.

Laura Poorman, $6 Million

The ironically named Laura Poorman was suddenly anything but after raking in $6 million (£4.6 million) on a California scratch card she bought with her sister. The lucky duo claim to have bought the winning scratch card after following a ladybird into the store, which apparently landed on the card in question. That means if you want to win big, keep your eyes peeled for spotted insects!

Jerry Kajfasz, $10 Million

The biggest scratch card winner in history did so completely by accident. Jerry from New York actually went to his local shop to buy seven scratch cards, but the cashier accidentally gave him eight. It was that eighth and final card that landed him an incredible $10 million (£7.8 million), truly setting him up for life.

Scratch card prizes just seem to be getting bigger and bigger by the day, so now has never been a better time to try and scratch your way to a million.

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